Valentine’s Month Fundraiser

This year, for our annual Valentine’s day fundraiser, we decided to do a month-long RAFFLE!
Proceeds raised from ticket sales will go to support The 519, a Toronto-based non-profit community centre for LGBTQ2S people!

By donating, not only will you be supporting this non-profit organization, you will also be entered into a DRAW for a PRIZE WORTH $50! Two lucky winners will receive a customizable box filled with goodies from our friends at The QUILTBAG, including:
– origami style fabric mask (choose your own colour/style!)
– LGBTQ and pronouns buttons and stickers,
– DivE stickers, and
– a SURPRISE item from The QUILTBAG!

~~~~~~~~Draw: March 1st~~~~~~

Click this link and donate to be entered into the draw!

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